Image by Jan Kopřiva

Agriculture in Africa offers many diverse opportunities. This is one area where Africa can have a competitive advantage over every other continent for some of the following basic reasons:


- Agriculture is ingrained in the culture; over 60% of Africans are already involved in farming, though largely subsistence.

- There is an abundance of arable land estimated at a potential of over 300 million hectares, according to the Food Agriculture Organization (FAO).

- The climate is largely favorable.

- There is access to water.

- Africa can meet diverse agricultural requirements.

- There is a market right in Africa - local consumption currently far outstrips production.

- There are relatively low labor costs.

- There is potential Arable Land and Market Size

- There is Exports and Foreign Involvement in African Farmland

- Land”Gold” Rush

- Bio-fuels

- Palm Oil

- Government Investment in Africa, 10% of National Budgets( NEPAD), 2010-Africa Growth.

- Tackling Challenges of Agriculture in Africa while creating Opportunities


We have a Team of Mentors specifically assigned to provide support to Entrepreneurs emerging within the Agricultural industry. We are currently involved with Startup Farmers in Newcastle and Pietermaritzburg Kwa Zulu Natal.

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